Leave Your Destination in a Better Place

Journey Kindly highlights important causes so travelers can do more with their trips.


We visit a place. We enjoy the attractions. We enjoy the views. We enjoy the food. And then we leave.

We take 1 million trips each year. Journey Kindly helps you tap into travel to build better futures for the places we love to visit.

A global community of volunteers

Journey Kindly promotes forward thinking travelers. We highlight causes that focus on literacy, economic mobility and environmental restoration. See what's waiting abroad for you.


How Journey Kindly works

We make it easy to connect with the causes you care about.


Find a cause

We vet organizations and compile information so it's easy to understand what you'll be supporting. 


Connect with organizations who speak to your interests and reach out. We provide contact information to make connecting as easy as possible.


Get detailed information before arriving at your destination to have the best experience possible.


100% Guarantee

Journey Kindly is a group of experienced volunteers and travelers. We have done the work of vetting organizations to make it easier to volunteer. You can travel knowing every organization meets a rigorous evaluation for ethics, cause and mission.